Walking Man screening  

You can bring Walking Man to your school, work, or community. A Walking Man screening may include a full or partial showing of the film, a presentation, a Q&A, and/or a discussion.

Watch the Walking Man trailer here. See where Walking Man presents here.
Email info@teamwalkingman.com to schedule presentations.

I have had the pleasure to hear Mark present several times and I always learn something new. As an adjunct professor, I invite various guest speakers to my classes and my students consistently mention that they wish Mark could have more class time to present his impactful information because he is one of their favorites. I believe all audiences will be motivated by hearing the trials and triumphs Mark has experienced over his life’s journey.
— Jason Thompson Counselor, Clayton School District / Adjunct Professor, Lindenwood University

FAQs about Walking Man screenings

Why Walking Man?

  • Programs are grounded in the philosophy of the nationally recognized Signs of Suicide (SOS) program; together the leaders of Walking Man have given over 700 SOS presentations

  • Walking Man has been used for conferences on mental health by NAMI agencies and the Missouri Institute of Mental Health

  • Walking Man has helped hundreds of individual students ask for the help they need regarding their mental health and wellness

  • Walking Man presents with the help of local counselors and mental health resources to ensure no student slips through the cracks

  • The documentary has been presented in 12 states to schools and communities and has been featured on PBS to a potential audience of over a million people


What are credentials of the team?

Mark Norwine, founder and Walking Man, is certified in the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program as well as the Signs of Suicide program. He has completed a wellness course through the Anthropedia Foundation, has a degree in education, and is pursuing a master’s degree in counseling. Mark has presented topics including mental health, suicide prevention, and bullying to a variety of audiences from small classrooms of students to large conferences of mental health professionals. Maria Craft, Program Director, has a master’s degree in teaching and more than six years of experience in educational outreach. She is certified in the Signs of Suicide program and has developed and delivered a variety of mental health-related programs, presentations, and curriculum. Learn more here.

What type of groups or events could I schedule presentations for?

Almost any group, big or small, could benefit from mental health education and awareness. Some examples of are: 

  • high school or middle school health classes or clubs

  • high school seniors about to make the transition out of high school 

  • parents of students in a school or school district 

  • professional development for educators

  • professional development or educational workshops for employees of agencies and businesses

  • education or health conferences 

  • first responders

  • library events 

  • scout troops 

  • adult service clubs

What is the timing of each presentation? 

Ideally presentations to students would be approximately 1.5 hours. This would allow for a partial viewing of the documentary, presentation of facts, group discussion, individual time with students who would like to talk more; time can be shorter if needed

Adult presentations will run approximately two hours. This would give time to show the entire film and allow for discussion and Q&A. 

What is the cost?

For classroom presentations and other smaller groups, please contact us and we will discuss your needs. For large audiences the cost is $285 per presentation. Travel costs may occur for presentations 25 miles or more outside of St. Louis, MO. If your school or group is unable to cover cost consider: reaching out to a local mental health organizations or public health center, seeking donations from a business or community member hoping to encourage and support mental health education, checking in with your local police department, or get in touch with us for more ideas.

Do you offer additional programs or services?

Yes! NBHA offers consulting services and a mental health curriculum. See below for further information and click here to contact us. 

Consulting Services

  • Developing a school with empathy

  • Creating a peer-to-peer ambassador program

  • Providing mentoring for students

  • Training using concepts from the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program


Through a comprehensive mental health curriculum, students will gain knowledge in the areas of mental health awareness and suicide prevention. The curriculum includes the award-winning documentary, Walking Man, (which encompasses education, awareness, emotion, humor, and reality all in one film), corresponding lessons and activities, student resources, and teacher guides. The curriculum is ideal for students middle school or above and there is a potential for a member of the Walking Man team to present parts of the curriculum to students and/or educators.

Email info@teamwalkingman.com for more information.